Don't Hurt Me!

This is the SL version of Woodstock!!  
To support in the effort to end animal abuse around the world.  With over a dozen live performances!  We want to empower the listeners with the knowledge that anything they do is worthwhile.  That sometimes just yelling "STOP!!" can save an animal's life.  Also that there are local politicians that people can levy.  That signing a petition is worth a lot even if they don't see the money coming out of their pocket. That sometimes that old blankie that we want to throw out can be used at a local shelter to warm a critter that is sick and cold and can't tell anyone they need warmth.  With that in mind, we won't be collecting any donations for any organization. We will however, be making people aware of organizations where their input would be most welcome.  Come share with us on 3/23/2013 from 3:00pm SLT and on over 12 hours!  There are free gifts for all participants. These have been kindly donated by the top designers in SL.

For those people that prefer to donate, we will show the name of a few "worldwide organizations".  But other than that. I will just be asking everyone to take action.  Don't forget! There are many free gifts from some of the most recognized creators on the grid!.  Come help support this great cause at the beautiful The Pier at Wild Beach - Live Music Venue! - 

Your Limo to the event


  1. Thank you Lua!!.. lets hold hands and make this an event to remember. In honor of our little furry friends!

    1. Yes Lisa, people do all kind of events to raise funds, etc, but sometimes forgot that animals are part of our lives and they suffer too, so any little thing that we can do can made a big difference.
      thank you for read my blog :) xx


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