TrenDing #39 with Blueberry

New cuteeee outfits from Blueberry.

Blueberry Kimmy *Mesh* Legwarmers  Flowers
Blueberry Kimmy *Mesh* Sneakers 

Blueberry Whole Set *Mesh* Shirt
Blueberry Whole Set *Mesh* Skirt
Blueberry Whole Set *Mesh*  Tie

 Blueberry Pisi *Mesh* Belted Dress Jacket  Blue
Blueberry Pisi *Mesh* Belted Dress  Black
Blueberry Whole Set 2 *Mesh* Outfit Handbag

Your Limo to Blueberry

Styling Card:
Madrid Solo- Lying Eyes-Green
E(L)[MANDALA]Milky Way Bangle/white
[MANDALA]SINRA  earrings
::Exile:: Crazy in Love:Cranberry
[MANDALA]Omochi Necklace/Adriatico Blue