Celebrating Summer with ghee

~ghee~ latest fresh releases,
nice and comfy dresses ready for summer letting to show your nice skin ready for the tan.
Different styles, more casual or more chic to hang around or go to a sunset party.
 ~ghee~ Lucy 2

~ghee~ Lin Dress - Field of Purple

Your Limo

Pic made at the Bluebell Fields, a special place created by a special person,
Edi, you have your heart in every inch of your land,
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Styling Card:
Pink Acid Lacey Lips & Teeth - Purple
elymode: makeup - heavy liner 4/13 - blue
elymode: makeup - sienna mixes - brown
:: PM :: Etnia Bangles in Purple (R)
>TRUTH< Teddy - sangria
IKON Kaleido Eyes - Dawn (M)
>TRUTH< Kalia - sangria
EarthStones Genie Necklace - Spectrolite/Silver