Reshma by Azul

New Reshma Gown by Azul.
I adore mesh in SL, but mesh have already a defined shape, that is not our own shape.
looks awesome and I can´t live without mesh now,
but what I like from Azul,
is that Mami love to keep the hand painted gowns were you can use your own shape and show it :)
Is all about tastes and the moment, so if you decide wear mesh or keep the original outfits,
is your choice and designers in SL gave us a lot of options.

Reshma in Champagne, is a breathtaking color and is exclusive to 100 items.
 -AZUL- Reshma /Champagne (Limited100)

 -AZUL- Reshma /Peridot

Your Limo to Azul

Styling Card:
cheLLe - Moon Dust (Jade)
Pink Acid Mildred Lips & Teeth - Nude
JCNY - 'DIVINICA' Collection, Hyper-Gems Necklace
Vanity Hair: Love After War-Passion