Wanna be a sexy Cowgirl?

Go to VeroModero and take a look to the cool sets to be one.
If want to be a chic lady, can work too, the Gulen sets are perfect for you.
[VM] VERO MODERO / Gulen Set Corals

 [VM] VERO MODERO / Gulen Set Gold

[VM] VERO MODERO / Oki Set Brown

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 Styling Card:
J's Fringe Cowgirl Boots2
Pink Acid Mildred Lips & Teeth - Caramel
elymode: makeup - heavy liner 4/13 - green
khaki/moss [MANDALA] [MANDALA]Anuttra Ring
EarthStones Stone Donut Leather Necklace - Green Apatite/Brown
HW Straw Hat 7 texture change
TRUTH HAIR Candy - Reds03
[VM] VERO MODERO / Boho Denim Short
Pink Acid Sunshine Blush + Lipstick - Orange
elymode: makeup - heavy liner 4/13 - brown
elymode: makeup - sienna mixes - smoke
Bracelet [MANDALA]Pearl rain season 2/ MAPLE Black
EarthStones Groovy Peace Necklace - Multi
Vanity Hair:Mimmi HP-Feux