Finesmith Murder Mistery Hunt

Today begins the investigation into the murder in Finesmith you can solve this case?.  its open! Finesmith Murder Mystery hosted by Wrennoir Cerise and Catlyn Sahara is open!

Someone killed the Muse Wrennoir Cerise....Can you ind the objects and help find her killer?

-14 amazing designers have come together to help you find the murderer while helping donate to the ASPCA. each item by each designer is 10L.

Finesmith Murder Mystery Hunt

December 1st - 8th, 2013

Supporting ASPCA

Hint for Finesmith: The killer must be found! 
Only with the truth will we catch her killer!

News Flash!
Socialite WrenNoir Cerise has been murdered and burglarized! They took all of her Finesmith jewelry AND stabbed her FIVE times! They must have really wanted her dead!
We need your help to find her killer!

Detoxification pose by Peter Poses

Each object will be for sale for 10L. The Object will give you that designer's gift and the LM to the next platform. Eliminate one of the suspects at each platform (Check the texture for the list of suspects), and narrow it down to the killer at the end!

14 Designers have donated gifts to the hunt (In alphabetical order)
Finesmith (2 gifts Male/Female)
G. Sloane
Kawaii Dolls/Primus
Liv-Glam (2 gifts)
Living Imagination
Miss Darcy
Moondance Boutique
Poet's Heart
Tres Beau
White Widow

We hope you will enjoy our hunt and please help support our designers who have so graciously given us their time and talents.

If you have any questions please contact Catlyn Sahara or Wrennoir Cerise.
The suspects

Who is the killer?
Don't miss this great investigate and find a lot of amazing gifts.