Trending #134 with Azoury and Blueberry

Wow, finally can breath an have time to blog, my RL is more in order, finally finish Xmas decorations with my little ones, so love this time of the year :), my SL is not in order lol but is more relaxed , my little Xmas store is done and my MVW is under control, so time to blog like crazyyyyyyy!!!

Continuing today is time for a freshly release from Blueberry;
a must have this season is so different and not need anything else, just your boots and the new 
PENNY Bag from Azoury to match it.

The coat and the bag came in different colors that also matches by themselves so why not mix them.

Blueberry Prue *Mesh* Trench Coat with Belt Brown
matched with
AZOURY - Penny Bag (Cocoa)