Thank you Miss Belle for the MVW Venezuela 2014 National Gown

This is a special post to say THANK YOU!
to a special lady with an amazing heart and exquisite taste that is show in every single detail of her creations.

Miss Belle Rousell, owner and designer of Chop Zuey.

She came with this amazing idea for my National Gown for the MVW 2014.
We not want to do a traditional outfit, based in flag colors or typical outfit that a lot already saw, we want to create an unique one.
Belle told me that she read about this little Poodle Moth that I already saw but never cross my mind bring him to SL.

So here we are looking at this stunning design that is made exactly how I figure it on  my mind, is like Belle was inside of it :)

This was my script for the walk:
"Venezuela is a country rich in beauty with exotic flora and fauna, spectacular waterfalls, wild nature, parrots, orchids, small jaguars named "Cunaguaro", a big variety of tropical fruits.
But we have a little creature that was recently discovered and Miss Belle Roussel with Lua want to bring it to SL so everyone can meet him.

The "Venezuelan Poodle Moth" is a possible new species of moth discovered in 2009 by Dr. Arthur Anker of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, in the "Gran Sabana" region of Venezuela.

Miss Belle Roussel, the brilliant mind of "Chopu Zuey" bring him to live in this stunning creation that have a long skirt with a texture emulating the Moth fluff.
The head decoration is the perfect recreation of the "Poodle Moth" head with those big black eyes and funny antennas, he looks like a science fiction creature.
All the magnificent outfit is embellished with sequins fabrics, diamonds and big gems, all in golden tones to made honor to Venezuelan gold that can be found i¡for example in "Las Cristinas" gold mine, one of the world's largest deposits of the shiny yellow metal.

If you want to know how looks this little one in RL, take a look and zoom to the black fan and there you will see a picture of this special and cute creature.

Some of the poses that Lua is using for her national costume, are made exclusive by the lovely Miss Trinity Graves, owner of "In-Pose". "

 This stunning pic was made by the talented and sweet Julie Hastings.
Thank you so much Julie :)

My walk at the MVW 2014 with my National Outfit made by Miss Belle Roussel and the pose made by the sweet Trinity Graves from In-Pose.

 Ad for the vendor at ChopZuey

More info about this little fellow here.

Thank you Belle for this, always will be grateful to you for do this for me!