Thank you Nevery for my Gown for the MVW 2014

I have a special relation with the sweet Nevery Lorakeet, 
the adorable designer of "Les Petits Details".

I had my first show at Maritima (good old times)
and "LpD" was the designer, for Neve was her first show like designer,
so we can say that we grad almost the same days in the catwalks lol.
There not was a single part of my body (in both worlds) that was not shacking, 
I was soooo nervous and of course the Lag was there with all the forces,
but I did my walks and was the best feeling ever.

If you want to laugh and see how I look in that show
check this link, is so embarasing haha, how my avi changed in 4 years,
WOW!!! Ty SL for painless surgery, botox and magic LOOOL

Since then I feel in love with "LpD" and followed her in every step.
After 3 year working with her for the blog and having a nice relation in SL,
I ask Neve to do my Gown for the MVW 2014 and she say yes with no doubt.

I start to look gown after gown in the net, youtube links etc, and like magic appear a gown that capture my eyes and my heart and the most amazing thing is that the designer is from Venezuela and she went to school with my mom, so what else I can ask :)

Neve did it more than perfect, looks like the real one.

 Pic by the amazing Magissa Denver 

Here is the script that was for the MVW (not was used)

"The inspiration of this elegant gown came from the intelligence, beauty and international projection of the Venezuelan woman that made her conquer 6 Miss World titles and 7 Miss Universe ones.

Venezuelan woman is hard worker, dedicated, passionate, intelligent, not a quitter and when she have something in mind, she will go for it until she reach it, like we say in Venezuela, "entre ceja y ceja" in english means " between eyebrow and eyebrow" that is like say that we have an idea, a goal and we go for it.

After looking a lot of gorgeous gowns and fashion shows in the net, one that capture my attention and made me feel in love in the same moment I saw it, is a Gown from the famous and talented Venezuelan Designer, Carolina Herrera from her Carolina Herrera Fall/Winter 2013-14 Collection presented at the New York Fashion Week, what better than use a gown that was created by a Venezuelan successful woman?

Miss Nevery Lorakeet owner and designer of "Les Petits Details" made the magic and bring this stunning, elegant, classy and chic gown to SL, is an exclusive creation made it in mesh, trying to keep the original look of the gown adding some details to made it more exclusive in a soft green tone.
The flexy parts and the sparkles was added later to add a more glamorous details to the gown.

To complement the gown, Miss Belle Roussel from "Chop Zuey" created a gorgeous set of jewels, "Fascination" in black and platinum, over sized earrings, bracelets and brooch, the perfect addition for this elegant look."

The MVW 2014 Final

The Set that Miss Belle Rousell from Chop Zuey created for me
Thank you sweet Belle once again :)

And from were the inspiration of the gown came

Once again,

Neve Thank you from my heart,



You can find the Gown here.