Oh yes! It is  Showgirl Couture here at CHAMPAGNE! sparkling couture and this latest release is called "FABULOUS" because there is simply no other word for it!

Done in a bikini style, this ensemble is anything but simple and easy, it is daring, hot and sexy.  Notice that amazing peacock-feathers collar?  It matches up perfectly with the matching high headpiece that also has gems catching the light nestled amongst the so soft feathers.

Did I mention the bracelets are also included? So there is no reason not to rush out and become "FABULOUS" yourself with this  gorgeous  jeweled masterpiece!

You can find the mesh demo of "FABULOUS" at the CHAMPAGNE! sparkling couture main store location. 

Sexy, sparkling and hot, this ensemble has it all and as the weather warms up, it will be a perfect gift for you or a friend so treat yourself and a friend and go grab "FABULOUS" today!