Laundry Day...

The latest releases from Lush by Coco, are 2 styles that are ready for Summer, skipping Spring in my case since in my town is so colllld so I think we are going direct to Summer :P

One is a more casual comfy look named,
Laundry Day, love the name btw.
A cute strapless mesh dress.

LushByCoCo: Laundry Day ZESTY 

The other is a nice skirt with interesting patterns and colors that match perfectly the tops that have 2 tones, one in front and one at the back same as the skirts.

LushByCoCo: FRINGE! top [tulip/plaicd]
LushByCoCo: High Rise Skirt
Pose by The Muse Poses, April Set, latest release

Your Limo