Glamorous Compilation

For me Winter is a wonderful Season, is other mood, love to go to different SIMS in SL and see the decorations, the snow, places filled with love, with pine trees, wreaths, fireplaces, hot chocolate,
all ready to celebrate the Holidays.

I know a lot love them but also a lot not that much, for different reasons.
But for the ones who like to be around and celebrate and go to dance, dinner and visit the friends and family (btw I need to hang out more and work a little less sometimes :)

Paisley Daisy offers a variety of gorgeous gowns (like always)
in different shapes, textures, fabrics and colors.

 The Glamorous Compilation is a stunning mesh set that includes a long skirt
with lace top, lace gloves, hat and a majestic cape in 2 fabrics.

Paisley Daisy- Glamorous Compilation Royal Purple Ensemble Gown

More outfits, tomorrow :)

Styling Card:
Pic 1:
Pose by Posesion Drama
Lazuri Classic Pearls Set (SL Xmas Expo)