POE7 #1

A lottttt to blog for this amazing hunt that I follow since a long time.

The hunt started on December 1st. and will until January 6th.
A lot to hunt for the Winter Season.
More info here.

You can join our Hunters group HERE:

This will keep you up to date on any landmark changes, store issues, and be an all around community for those that know and love POE.
There have been several stories shared in the group already over the past few days and it's so wonderful to see how much POE has touched the lives of so many.

.::LUNA::. Body Art
Xmas @ Purple Moon

This set is special for the hunt and includes a mini Dove that is attached to your nail.

POE7 Store #056 - .::LUNA::. Body Art

A nice wreath for the season with a withe Dove.

POE7 Globe #055 - Xmas @ Purple Moon - Peace Wreath with Dove

The Hunt starts here, but you can go to any store you like, 
info here