The CWS Graduation July Class

Finally we did our Grad Show yesterday July 30th, 2001 at 3:00 p.m., was so wonderful, just fun and relax, we was the Queens of the Catwalk :), we do our runway with calm showing what we learned these 3 weeks of hard work.

The Graduated Students, now formal Simple D' Best Models of CWS are:

**Desi McKeenan**Lua Vendetta**Mali Taurus**Mesange Acacia**noot Fairlady
**paris Unplugged**Victoria Allegiere

Congrats to all was a pleasure sharing this month with all of you girls, 
we have fun, stress, tears, a looot of work and practice but 

The Show was fun, we do our walk, our poses, get Diplomas, and then Anrol sayd that will be an award for the Valedectorian of the class, I was ready to shout : "Congrats " to the winner, and guess what? 
was meeeee, I don't beleive when Anrol sayd this:

Anrol Anthony announces: Ladies and gentlemen our Valedectorian for Class of July  is
Anrol Anthony announces: Miss Lua Vendetta

OMGGG was soo happy, nervous, shacking, cryed and etc., I never expect that, thank you from the bottom of my heart to all for giving me that precious award, means a lot, and is better that win any beauty contest, is real, envolves feelings and real ones, Thank you :)
After my speach that I have no idea what I sayd lol, we have a dance for the audience and CWS team, was so funny and then we finished our Grad Show.

Thank you again Anrol, Steve, Taby, lisana, Veronica, Debbie and my mates we all did it together :)


  1. A great moment, to keep in memory :-)
    Special thought to Victoria and Paris.
    And a special BRAVO to Lua who had to make a speech and got only 30 seconds to prepare it ! :-)
    Congrats! and see you soon around :-)

  2. Lol the speech I have no idea what I sayd, but was wonderful I love our Graduation and all of you, thank you Mesange :)


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