My lucky Day :)

I get this notice from a Models Group about a Contest, and after I enroll a few contests and castings with rejections in all :( , my surprise one Monday was a friendship offer from a lovely lady and a Congrats NC that I'm in the 10 finalists YAY!!!, they get 89 pics, and I was in the best 10 :)
I went to the contest, was shacking like crazy, but I did it, was fun, meet nice girls, one of them was Taby :) my teacher now and a sweet lady, the other is Debbie, she won the contest and I'm very happy for that, I'm just a newbie in this modeling world, important thing I have fun and learned a little more everyday.
The lovely lady who give me the Good News is Anrol Anthony, thanx to her and her hubby Steve and her amazing staff I'm here now, at CWS starting my Modeling Career.