Mardigrass Contest @ CWS the Fun part

Yesterday we went to the event at CWS, they do events all the week for Models, non Models and everyone, check their blog for info, are fantastic. I was there because I have too, lol, I want too :), was at 6:00 p.m. SL (2:00 am for me, and I go to bed almost at 5:00 am) but was so funny, normally is an event just for Graduated Models, but yesterday was for Students too, so we have to compete against them, imagine my face :O, but was great preparing the outfit, looking all that the others did, so fun what we talk backstages.
I have to be there because one of our teachers tell us to do the event and the other tell us to do the blog, so, I did 3 things at the same time: Modeling, blogging and homework :) good girl, well me and my friends from the class.
The funny part for me was the outfit of Mali Taurus, she was sooo cute and I can't stop roflllll when she do the catwalk with the outfit, check the pic and see what I mean :).
I was wondering what the jurys thinking when she was there with the hammer lmaoooo!!!
The other pic is my outfit ;)


  1. Great blogging here. Hope I can manage to keep up with all of you.
    Lovely pictures too.

  2. LOOOL Victoria sorry just now read your comment loool, was so new when you post it that not notice it :)))


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