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Here you have another breathtaking creation from Enzo Champagne :)

"To celebrate the beauty of the Winter season, CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion presents ICED!

We all enjoy the charm of Winter; how serene the sun shines, the snowfall, frosty climate, snowball fights, fun of skating, warmth of fireplaces - and of course Christmas – The Festival of Lights, and all the warmth and feelings related to this auspicious occasion.  All these things make us feel ecstatic and delighted in the chilly season of Winter.

To celebrate this magical season, I have created a very special formal gown called ICED.  Offered in silver or in blue, ICED is pure elegance mixed with a touch of glamour, bold charm, and quality that is truly unsurpassed.  The bodice of this sleeveless form-fitting gown will show all of your assets in their best light!  A bold V plunge in the front is highlighted by contrasting color on each side of the bodice.  Directly underneath the bodice, the gown is tightly sinched with a wide belt and joined in the center with a beautiful gem-encrusted accessory.  A striking panel of sequins flows down from the empire waist, abruptly changing into yards of gorgeous satin that drape to the floor and flare out slightly at the bottom.  A beautifully feminine silk train follows your every move as you glide around the room or on the dance floor.  And icicles are prominently displayed on the right shoulder with a cascading cape flowing behind you.

And no Ice Princess would be complete without a matching crown of icicles on her head!  Also included are matching gloves with sequined cuffs at the top.  This is a truly breathtaking gown, ladies, and so perfect for this time of the year!

Would you like to be a stunning Ice Princess this Winter season?  Then ICED is for you.  A gown such as ICED deserves to be be seen to be appreciated.

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Enzo Champagne
for a glittering life!

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