TNC Fashion Show @ CWS

YAY!!! was a great, great, great show, no lag uhuuuuuuu!!!, maybe he was in other fashion show hehe.
This weekend we haved the FS for TNC (Totally Naughty Clothes) just sexy butts in the catwalk showing the Creations of Random Sixpence.
Is hard practice before show, do the catwalk, change clothes and wait for cues, but I take a few pics before the show, and you have to see this one, and after you delight your eyes with this outfits, you will see why I put this pic here hehe.
lets call this the "FRONT" pic, we always have fun doing them for the things that all sayd when posing.
Me holding my butts lol, others calling for a taxi, lis checking Free's deodorant, and you can imagine what else.
But I'm wondering were can be Free's hand ;)
Hot and Funky! This set is an Unzip dress, net shirt, matching stockings, panties and ankle boots with resize and sound. This is one seriously hot little number and perfect for a night of clubbing!

TNC didn't leave out the gentlemen! Check out our sexy male CWS models in Totally Naughty Clothes Formal Series. This mega pack comes with 5 waistcoats in scarlett, black, navy, sage green, and purple and 5 snug tops in colors of red, gray, lilac, blue, and white. You can wear different combinations of this ensemble depending on your mood or depending on the occasion because the formal shirts come in a shirt and a jacket layer! Skin tight leather pants accompany this edgy formal attire,

Butterflies and Petals collection! The Collection is aptly named with beautiful Butterfly Tops along with a mid-length Petal Flexi-Prim Dress. The color possibilities are endless with 37 different sets, each carefully matched and chosen for maximum effect whether you desire Classy, Fun or Elegant. You can wear either the thongs or the Pants layer or both. The difference is the Thongs will allow you to show off some sexy skin with the stockings. The Pants will blend into the top of the stockings and thus under the dress no skin will show. A matching Pair of Short Boots with Resize and walking sound built in comes with the set.  

TNC's flirty Me2 teal mini dress. This is sthe dress that is sure to get you noticed! The slip-cut dress is daring with the mini skirt length, but adds a touch more with a high cut over one thigh. The low V neck top bares tantalizing cleavage making you feel so naughty, but oh so nice! It comes with a matching thong, and leather stockings and booties that show off long legs and silky smooth skin.

Tutu Amore Set consists of:
1. 1 Top Open back Layer (Shirt Layer)
2. 1 Pair matching Panties
3. 1 Matching Double-Layered Tutu Dress (42 Prims) with Resize built in of course
4. 1 Matching Fishnet Stocking (for the sexy, girly look)
5. 1 Matching Seamless Stocking (for the classy look)
6. 1 Matching Pair of TNC Power Boots which consists of 5 parts:
A. Left & Right Boot
B. Left & Right Invisi. Foot
C. TNC Power Boot Shoe (SL shoe Layer)

 Random was so happy for the show, was on time, good synchro, straight walks, lovely audience, great organization, 
she sayd that was perfect YAY !!!
If you wanna be naughty, just take your limo to TNC

And here you have the "BACK" pic LOOOOL, guess were Free's hand is ;)


  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful review. And I told Free to keep his hands to himself .. sheesh :)

  2. LOOOOOOLLLL Thank you for read the blog and leave a comment :))) was a greaaaaaat show :)))) and smexy outfits.


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