Azoury Meli Mero

Coming out 1st February to Azoury.
M E L I   M E R O
Cropped short dress filled with details, is like was made on your own body.
Sculpted scarf to match and add a lovely touch to the outfit.
Dress will be available in electric blue, black, green, orange, red, miel and brown.

AZOURY - La Robe Meli Melo Rouge
AZOURY - L' etole Meli Melo
AZOURY - Les Sandales Meli - Melo Rouge

Mesh Sandals with socks included.
AZOURY - Les Sandales Meli - Melo Rouge

Sandals available in: red, black, electric blue, kaki, yellow and blue.

Your Limo to Azoury