La Tenue Noya by Azoury

Azoury just released today NOYA
A sexy short set with an interesting cover in the shoulders,
fantastic fabric with little squares and rich textures in all the outfit.
Available colors for the Top : yellow & blue, yellow & brown, yellow & black, yellow & orange, yellow & red, yellow & green.

Dress : parme, yellow, grey,orange, green, blue and cream.

 Shoes available in : cream & green,  cream & violet, cream & black, 
cream & brown, blue & violet , orange & yellow, red & yellow 

 As usual 50% off for 2 days " NOYA "
(dont forget  wearing the AZOURY Tag)

Your Limo to Azoury

Styling Card:
Hair by
Pomme d' Amour / RITZY hair in Sunset / NEW RELEASE
Poses by Manifeste and Glitterati
Nails by PM