Finesmith CleanUp Hunt 2011

Hi :) Happy New Year!!!
Hope all of you haved a nice time this Holidays, I haved, was lovely being with my beloved ones, missed a few, but can't be all together.
Starting a new year with forces and a big smile, wishing all of my lovely readers and followers all the best always in your RL & SL, and hopping be together in this little spot for a long time.

I will start with my posts again, and now is time for our fav jewel designer:

A hunt is in the store with items that will be removed and is the last chance to get them.
*9 items
*1L each 
*Finesmith group members only(joining group is free), must wear group tag or item will not arrive to your inventory.
*Only on the first floor of the store.
*There are no dates
*Ocassionally some items will be deletet and replaced with a different item.
-*When new items added, will announced in the group.
*The items are no longer for sale in the store only in the hunt object.

PS: The item is small:) good luck!!!
Your Limo to Finesmith