Belts by Boho Hobo

The Wide Purple Paisley Belt is for sale for 22L from Feb 3rd to 13th.

New Belts by Boho Hobo, they fits super good and they are just awesome, 
a lot of designs and colors to choose to mix&match them with your fav outfits.

NEW BoHo HoBo wide belt (wine)
BoHo HoBo red leather jacket
BoHo HoBo holy jeans

NEW BoHo HoBo wide belt (black)
BoHo HoBo black leather jacket

NEW BoHo HoBo wide purple belt
BoHo HoBo embroidered Afghan poncho
BoHo HoBo houndstooth jeans

Your Limo to Boho Hobo

And remember that all the sales at Boho Hobo goes to RAWA.
RAWA is an organization of local Afghan women who work to rebuild Afghanistan bringing women's rights, democracy and social justice. They have opened schools, orphanages, literacy programs, clinics and have started income generating projects within Afghanistan and refugee camps in Pakistan. All proceeds from BoHo HoBo always go to RAWA, tier for the land is covered by an anonymous donor. Thank you so much for shopping at BoHo HoBo!

Hair by Emotions
Poses by Morphine & Helamiyo
Top by PM