ANYA and OXALIDE by Azoury

The new releases from one of my favs designers, AZOURY, for these week are:
ANYA mesh Dress and
OXALIDE pant and top

Like always amazing textures, chic designs and a lot of colors and accessories to mix&match.
AZOURY - La Robe ANYA Bleuet
AZOURY - Les Lunettes ANYA Blanche
AZOURY - Le sac ANYA Cuir Bleu

 AZOURY - Le Debardeur OXALIDE Balais
AZOURY - Le Pantalon OXALIDE Camel Dore
AZOURY - Les Sabots  TAMARA Rose - Shoes
AZOURY - Le Debardeur OXALIDE Bleu Cyan
AZOURY - Le Pantalon OXALIDE Paon
AZOURY-Les Talons Constance Gris

Your Limo to Azoury