Love is the most pure and amazing feeling that a human can feel.

I told Edi today that for me, years ago (and not just for me), the union between same sex was not approved because is what our parents 
and society teached us.
But with the pass of the years, information, modern times and just because, I understand that no matters if you are straight or not, if you are in love and finally find "The One"
even is same sex, you have the right to be happy 
and live a plenty life with your beloved.

I respect if someone make the announcement 
that likes someone of same sex, and why not?
Life is one, is short, things pass so fast that we not notice it 
and if we can live this life loving and sharing with the one that we choosed 
we have the right to be happy.

I'm straight, I'm married for a looong time, have 2 adorable kids and I have amazing lesbian friends in SL, I mean, AMAZING, I meet sweet gay guys, have gay and lesbian customers in my stores, I did invitations for they wedding, cards and teddy bears with the most lovely messages to they partners and they are same than us, people who feel, breath, love, share and give their hands always you need it, people with heart and soul, sometimes more than anyone else.

I'll not say that you have to be gay, or you have to be lesbian 
or trans or straight,
you have to be what YOU want to be and what will you make happy 
in this train were all are part...Life.
You pop up in the next station, meet people, share experiences, 
go out next station, but always will be the same destination for all.
(sorry for my bad english, just in case :)


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