I received today a nice plant to blog it, I read the NC and was curious about the theme and I went to take a look to the Booshies Sim, and I was surprised and inlove with the place and the soooo cute and adorable creatures that I discovered.

 I'm not too familiarized with all the pets that we can find in SL, I know horses, cats, dogs, rabbits, meeroo's, chickens, etc, but this little ones are a must have for sure if you like breedable pets.

 Booshies is an RPG within Second Life with breedable, battle-able fantasy pets.
 Will be Open SOON, you can check the SIM and the web, for sure you will like it like I did :)
They are in pre-order and different sets to buy.

 Nectubloom's are wonderful plants that grow's in Booshtopia where they are food for creatures called the Booshies. 
This nectubloom is the current group gift in Booshtopia.

The Flower has a landimpact of 7 and is available as groupgift at the landing point in Booshtopia.
 It is free to join the Booshies Group. 

For more informations about Booshies have a look to the website:

or visit the sim inworld, I recommend that use night for best enjoyment of the environment