30/31 #1

This is a new adventure for me in blogging, post pieces of art,
is a pleasure for me, be part in this event like a blogger and can show other sides of our magical SL.
Thank you for the invitation :)

30/31 is a bimonthly event, that is managed and ran by Windlight Magazine .
This event will show the creations of artists in RL and/or SL,
showing their unlimited creativity with works of art,
from Jewelry, to paints, sculptures and more.
This event is designed to promote 2D, 3D, and decorative arts and to introduce people to the amazing artists of Second life! The goal is to bring people to you!
The evnt will start every 2 months on 30 or 31st.

More info here.

Featuring today,

 Johannes1977 Resident:

About the Artist:

"Real life and current United States Marine Corps Officer, who did two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

While deployed in the war zones, I would take photos to show my view of the wars and the scenery. I love black and white photography, mixed with sepia and vintage tones in order to channel a vintage look."

FLICKR (some collections are hidden, please contact me if you would like to see them)

You can find his work at:

"The German Collection" at Holly Kai Art Park - curated by Inara Pey
"Various piece"s at Galeria Mexico
"Winterscapes" at Serena Imagine Arts Center


Virtual Chelsea Hotel

And the art for this round can be enjoyed and buy it here.
Original Framed Art with resizer.

This piece of artwork is of a building in Second Life and
 is a water color rendering created by Johannes1977 .

Medieval Hideaway by Johannes1977 Resident

This piece of artwork is a watercolor rendering and created by Johannes1977

Residez Schlossvom Balkonaus by Johannes1977 Resident

This piece can be found at Windlight Art Gallery & Windlight Magazine,