TrenDing #312 with Azoury & [sYs]

Azoury & [sYs] what an explosive combination.
2 French brands that I simply adore, not just the brand,
who is behind is the most important,
Mayhem and her hubby and Syane and Systi
are the heart and soul of this brands and they do everything from scratch,
honestly every release is just an explosion of creativity and success,
I love them since my beginnings of modeling, follow them and saw how they grow and still stay strong in SL.

I did a Mix&Match to show they releases.
From Azoury I´m wearing the Heels for The Arcade Gacha
open already since March 1st.
and also The Enchantment
I´m wearing the stunning mask Nynphai.

From [sYs] I´m wearing this sexy tuxedo, CARLTON,
in black and white options to make your own combination of top, bottom and tie.