Face Paint 55L Sale

Today this beautiful Prim set of Glamor Lashes is on offer for 55L. 
! FP Frost Cateyes Gray

! FP Frost Cateyes Gray no lash

Plus Face Paint is having a "Face of Fall" photo contest. 
! Face Paint  Anne Fair
The winner will receive a bundle of goodies!

Face Paint's "Face of Fall" contest.

Face Paint is looking for a fresh fall face. Could that face be you? I'm having a contest to find it. The image must portray a sense of the changing season, the ending of summer and the moving in of crisper days and fall color. I'm looking for original, creative and bold images. The winner will receive 3000 lindens, new makeup releases for September, October and November and their winning image will be shown promanintaly in the store September, October and November 2011 and will appear in a fashion ad for Pace Paint.

The following rules apply:
You must be both model and photographer.
You must use a Face Paint Makeup. It must be the focus of your piece, You may not alter the makeup in any way.
Gift Makeups are not eligible.
You can add Face Paint Body Art and Manicures for over all effect, but these are not required.
A maximum of 4 entries using different makeup is allowed.
The contest will run between August 14 - 25, 2011.
Images must be 1024 x 1024 resolution.
You must join the group and upload them, including your name, description and Face Paint "Face of Fall", tag to the  Face Paint flicker page at the following address:

Your Limo to FacePaint