New from Pipins

Hiya a few news from Pipins:

Fashion Show review
Was an amazing show, Angiliak presented her Avant Garde Line in an unique runway with special effects, was just amazing.

Aphrodite Briana, Pipins Manager
She did an amazing job :)

Angiliak Crystal the superb Pipins Designer and owner,
congrats Angi you did it !!!

And congrats to all the models, was an amazing show :)

P I P I N S  C A S U A L  L I N E

Pipins have now a Casual line with a lot of mix and match outfits, rich textures and a lot of sculpted attachments.

Pipins - Top Vanessa Lavender
Available in a lot of colors and textures.

Pipins - Claire Winter

Available in different Fabrics.

Your Limo to Pipins Casual

And don't forget Pipins Gowns