LpD Lates Releases

Wondering why this woman is blogging like crazy at almost 3:00 am?
LOL is because going on vacations tomorrow YAY! and want to finish my homework hehe and bring you  all the nice things that I have to blog.

And the best way to almost finish today is with the latest from LpD, one of my always favs.

*LpD* - *Cheers* Shoes Special Ed.
*LpD* Skins - Luna Pink Petal (Special Gift)
NEW *LpD* - *Susan* Top Sugar
NEW *LpD* - *Susan* Skirt Gold
NEW *LpD* - *My Beauty Case* Bag Lilac

And with this cuuute outfit and my bag I'm ready to go to summer vacations yay!!!
NEW *LpD* - *Susan* Skirt Pink (No Belt)
NEW *LpD* - *Susan* Top Pink
NEW NEW *LpD* - *My Beauty Case* Bag Classic Pink

Your Pink Limo to LpD