Azoury News

AZOURY  just moved at LE LOOK SOUTH, therefore, a set of boots with a unique color are at the store entrance ( for a limited time only 150 LS ). 
Available in green, orange, blue, brown and yellow .

AZOURY - Les Bottes Vanda Marron

SOON in the store
Jacket with sculpted pieces and open at the front, smexy!
Mini Skirt to match it and tights, looks great with them or without, make your own combination.

I'm wearing:
AZOURY - La Jupe  Lipope Bleu et Rouge
AZOURY - Le Cardigan Lipope Bordeau et Vert
AZOURY - Le Collant Lipope Bleu
AZOURY - Les Bottes Lipope Rouge

Available colors:
Cardigan : bordeaux & green, blue & green, green, violet & grey and violet & brown.

Tights : grey, red, blue, green, silver & gold and violet .

Skirt : black & grey, blue & green, pink & green, blue & red, green & grey and blue & grey.

Boots: orange, black, red, blue green and brown.

Your Limo to Azoury's New Mainstore that is awesome, but use Mesh viewer to enjoy it 100% :)
Mayhem love Mesh :) and she build a gorgeous Mesh store.