Xmas @ Purple Moon

Christmas store is open and you can get a lot of nice decorations for your lovely place like:
Xmas Trees in different shapes, color and lights, Twinkle lights, Wreaths, Candles,
Snowmans, Santas, Mats, Pine Tree bases, Snow Emitters,
Angels, Flowers, Apple Candy, Penguins, Poinsetias,
tabble runners, hurricanes and more.

Frames, tables and Xmas dinner is served:
Ganished Turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, apple sauce, 
apple pie, pecan pie, pumpkin pie, strawberry pie,
hot chocolate, coffee, wine sets, champagne.

Your Reindeer to Purple Moon Xmas Store

(not touch this lol, is just inworld ;)

Purple Moon Xmas Custom have a nice selection of personalized items like:
Stockings in different colors and sizes, for adult avis, kids or tinies and pets.
Cards, gift boxes, teddy bears and wreaths.

All the info is available at the store and you can order them right now and receive it next day or max 2 days.

Your reindeer to Purple Moon Xmas Custom

And in Purple Moon Store I have the winter gift for any who want to grab it :)
Just go inside the store and touch the small purple moon.