Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Coming Soon to Azoury

SOON at Azoury this cute outfit, short with high waist belt, mini top, bolero style jacket, socks and platform shoes, different colors to choose to mix&match your fav style.

AZOURY - La Veste AALYAH Noire et rouge
AZOURY - Le Corset AALYAH Marron
AZOURY - Le Debardeur AALYAH Noir
AZOURY - Les Chaussures Aalyah Marron

AALYAH will be available in:
Jacket : black & orange, black & yellow, black & blue, black & pink, black & green and black & red.

Top : black, blue,violet,orange,green and red

Socks : red ,violet,orange,green,yellow and gray

Short : black,orange,brown,red and blue

AZOURY - Les Chaussures Aalyah

Platform shoes will come in: orange, red, green,brown,yellow, black and blue 

Your Limo to Azoury

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