Fantasy Faire Review

Hi lovely readers :) hope all are great today, I have a killing headache but is normal in me lol and I need and want to show you the amazing things that the Fantasy Faire designers have for you.

Was hard to choose a theme to bring you,
because all have amazing designs,
but my little one love mermaids,
so I choosed to blog, Mermaids :)

Today I'll bring you the gorgeous creations from
Mermaid Treasure & Boutique

The items that Theta Marseille (owner and designer of Mermaid Treasure & Boutique)
have for you and will contribute to raise funds for the American Cancer Society, are:

Purple MerMesh Mermaid
Limited Edition for the RFL
 I also wearing in this pic the:
MTB Limited Edition Crystal Mermaid Crown and Necklace
MTB RFL Tribal Purple Accessory
Passion Mermaid
Limited Edition
Simple but gorgeous Mermaid outfit with a big lovely tale,
nice textures, looks super sweet.

Merrow Pavilion
 A huge Pavilion, just 12 prims and you have optional plants to add, copyable.

Also she have new releases that are shown in the fair, like:
MoonLight Mermaid
Includes Crescent Moon and stars attachments on various parts of the body.

The fair will is open until April 29st.
A lot of SIM's to visit, different themes,
for the Mermaid ones you can check the stores here:

And your seahorse for the event :)

More about the Fantasy Faire, tomorrow!!!