I need a 3L Urgennnnnt!!!!

This is a just a screaming post lol, I need urgently a 3rd Life!!!

A huge amount of things to blog just came,
I adore to blog, but need more hours in a day hehe,
have to do a mag in SL,
have castings, a few shows,
need to rebuild all my stores,
working in new projects, hope they come true soon :)

Annnnd have 2 adorable kids, need to do all mom stuff 24h,
have a hubby, 2 turtles and also I have to take care of myself.

Yes I know USA President have more things to do than me,
but he have some help haha, I'm nooooot.

But I'm happy and adore my both lifes :))))

Ok enough crying here and back to work

Sorry for my crazy post need to talk to some1 and all of you will read it and say WTF! she posted these hehe.

BTW luv ya all my readers and followers!!!!



  1. I understand you so much! I hope your time reaching for all your projects, a greeting and forward

    1. Thank you disfrutasl, yes trying to find the time, hard sometimes but will find it :)
      Ty for the comment!


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