PULL & FACE PAINT New releases

New set by ][PULL][
Detailed hand painted silk shirt, matched with mesh belt and
cupcake* skirt in 2 tones, 3 colors to choose.
(*Cupcake skirt no idea why I wrote this but the skirt looks like a sweet cupcake for me, and I love cupcakes hehe)

][PULL][ Serria Dress in Dark Red
 with ! Face Paint Desire Red

Eve Express, Owner and Designer of Face Paint
released a new line of MakeUps, all are different to every taste and occasion.
From the most soft one to the most bright, from everyday to fantasy one.

! Face Paint Metallic Blue liner and Lash  w lip
! Face Paint Audry 7

!FP Raidy #3
!FP Spirit Makeup 2
 !FP Spring Pop 2

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