Vero Modero's Lua Feather Gown

I just was waiting for have this pic that my special friend, Fuzz Lennie did for the ad for [VM], 
thank you Fuzzie I just LOVE it!!! and love you :) I appreciate a lot all that you do for me.

My deepest and special thank to you my sweet Bou, for be so special and sweet always with me, 
I have no words to thank you for create the dress for me to can use it in my
Metaverse Pageant for the formal styling.

I'm very happy with what I did, even I not passed to the semi-finals, I have fun,
meet nice people and challenged myself.

Also thank you to Caci, Ashia, Audrey, Maia & Nice,
special ladies that always support me and I admire a lot.
Thank you also Tabata Jewell, from Vanityt Hair, 
for gave me this gorgeous updo "Vanity Hair:Visionaire-Dark Reds"
 to help me with the styling.

[VM] Vero Modero - Lua Feather Gown

People can't imagine how special is have something created and named after you,
is the most amazing feeling, is a reward :)

Your Limo to [VM]