Anima by Azul

AZUL is a brand that inspires any woman, is an invitation to be seduced, to be pampered, to be elegant, stunning, to be unique.
AZUL is  a brand that always let you stand out of the crowd.

ANIMA is not an exception.

Azul 2
 -AZUL- Anima Peridot

  -AZUL- Anima Saphire

 -AZUL- Anima Peridot

 -AZUL- Anima Saphire

Your Limo

Styling card:
Pink Acid Mildred Lips & Teeth - Lavendar
*elymode* makeup - A Little Drama - violet / purple
!*Bliss Hair*! Nizami Hair - Saffron
N-core FEMME "Violet"