TrenDing #69 with LpD

Oki, back to blog, sorryyyyyyyy for the break, but was focused 99.9% on INYT Charity
gladly all went very great, I'm happy and will info about all soon.

Sorry my dears designers that not blogged, so from now start like a freak :)

A lot of LpD News and specials:

The MakeUp *Kara* and *Marta* will be available at the Cosmetic Fair
(Summer Ed.) from June 15th, for the next two weeks:
*LpD* MakeUp - *Marta*  For Cosmetic Fair
*LpD* - *Teresa* Dress Pink

*Erika* Dress is an exclusive release for the Avenue-Zenshi Mall
and it will be available only there.

 *LpD* - *Erika* Dress Black
*LpD* MakeUp - *Kara* Ver. 1 Complete for the cosmetic fair

*Ghita* MakeUp is designed for the Couturier's Dock Event,
 it will last for all the month.

*LpD* - *Tulipano* Dress
*Ghita* MakeUp

Your Limo to LpD

Styling Card:
>TRUTH< Eden - quince
The Gina Earrings White Pearl &Plat