More Exclusive items that you can find at "I´m Not You Toy" Venue until February 24th.

[sYs] XTENS Dress - INYT Exclusive (Lolas Applier Included)
[sYs] Makeup - INYT Hunt item

For the hunt items, search for 12 boxes like this

More of  the Auction items:

From Jewelry by Jake

The Liquid Black Diamonds are not out on the market yet.
For now is an exclusive for the INYT Event.

From Epic Production:

Epic Production House has been doing machinima (making videos) in Second Life since 2008.

You can see some examples of our work on our youtube page here

We are donating one gift card valued at $12,000 L for auction
this can be redeemed for video services such as
Weddings, Parties, Fashion shows. Sim Builds you want to show off
or any event in SL.

The winner will receive a note card with detailed information on how to redeem these services.

 Jessicaann Wrigglesworth is the only owner of Epic Production House and is the one giving this gift card. Please only IM her for more information.

From AFI Designs:

This Auction Item is a Moving Smoke cotton texture tank from AFI Designs. 
High Def and very cool.

Auction items are near the runway.

 Your Limo to INYT