Brazilian Jungle by Champagne

This release from Champagne is very special for me, because he create it exclusively for my sister in SL, SD Damiano, ♛MISS V Brazil♛ 2014.

*Olá!  Straight from the sun-dappled lands of Brazil, CHAMPAGNE!sparkling couture brings you it's newest release "BRAZILIAN JUNGLE" and the added bonus is that it is the National Gown of MVW 2014 Miss Brazil SD Damiano!

This amazing creation is a wondrous blend of the hot and cool of the jungle with it's sensual fit and the delicious pops of color that a jaguar peeking out at us?

Now the cool comes from the meticulously designed palm fronds that explode at your back, envelop you gently and then sweep down to caress and meet at your feet and the  floral explosion at your shoulders with the  wide feather  pauldrons held there by not one but two colorful Rainbow Lorikeets!

You can find the mesh demo of "BRAZILIAN JUNGLE" at the CHAMPAGNE!sparkling couture main store location.  MVW 2014 Miss Brazil also appears in our vendors and advertising for "BRAZILIAN JUNGLE".

Hot, cool, sensual and stylish, this gown has it all and then some and you are sure to make any event memorable when wearing "BRAZILIAN JUNGLE" so get out there and grab it today!

Your Limo

And for the guys,
There is HOLIDAY at the Lefevre Mansion, Exclusive item available in 5 colors !