SAVIAD Preview #17

I think this is the last post for SAVIAD Spring Fair :(
But will be more and since I´m official blogger for SAVIAD, you will be informed with all the news, always and also after the Spring event is over the designers will sell their items in the mainstores and/or marketplace, so the things that I had no time to post, I´ll post them so you can´t miss them.

I blogged a lot in 4 years, for a looooot of events, etc... and I think SAVIAD is one of the best, for the quality that each single item have, not telling that other events has no quality, but Saviad have incredible designers and Spring is an inspiration to create gorgeous things.

Featuring from SAVIAD

*SoliDea FoliEs*

 *SoliDea FoliEs* Blooming Spring/2 for FIERA

Zibska ~ Roz in Berry
Zibska ~ Remei ~ Hat

}RC{ Vali Saviad Blue
" Queen Lily Teal " ******* BaObA ********

[sYs] HANOI outfit (pastel)