Since I discovered Azoury, I just became addicted to this store.
Is original, different, affordable, amazing designs, perfect use of textures and sculpted attachments, what more we can ask :)
The outfits are innovative but have to check the boots and shoes, they are just OMG!
Mayhem Seetan is amazing creating Avant Garde outfits and a lot of them are Mix&Match, you can create your own unique look.

The newest release of Azoury is
Tenue Rhys

The focus of this Avant Garde outfit  is the big sculpted skirt,
perfect shape and textures.
A little top, a helmet and the boots are perfectly designed to match the outfit.

This outfit is one of my favs:
AZOURY-Les Bottes Purple
AZOURY-Le Bustier Tanaisie Noir
AZOURY-LE Pantalon Tanaisie Cuir Noir

Take a look to Azoury, you will love it like I and for sure will get a few items :)

An exclusive "ballerina" until exhaustion (25 currently in stock). 
It is below the sign "Exclusive 75 ". 
These shoes are no longer for sale after exhaustion !

-The Guest of the month of May  is my good friend "Aphrodite Brianna" ! Congrats :)
Some Discounts on items selected  by Aphrodite during 17 days !

AZOURY, puts you to defy ladies ! By your originality show us your best look with AZOURY clothes and shoes !
This is a contest "Azoury Guest of the Month" which will highlight clothing collection Azoury by your originality.
 It is open free to all female avatars wishing to participate.
 The theme of this contest is: free choice.

This contest  will be open every month and starts from 5.1.2011.
 -You must choose in the main store, Azoury's clothes (sweater, t-shirt, pants, shorts, skirt, dress ....) shoes (high heels, boots ...). This will allow you to create a set based on your personal tastes. You can't wear complete outfits. Do not wear clothing or shoes of another brand! Only the jewelry will be allowed on clothing.

More info for this contest at Azoury Mainstore

Your Limo to Azoury