[sYs] New Releases, Contest and Fashion Show

Hiiii hope you all having a great weekend :) Mine will be blog and blog, and pics, and events and more blog lol, so let me start.

[sYs] have new items at the store and again have to have them :)
Quality& innovative designs defines [sYs], if you like cyber, action, adventure, avant garde, [sYs] is the store were you have to go.

2 new Boots Mx, one more elegant the other more action and adventure.
Mx SoundGlasses
Renforced Jacket
Divine Mx Boots
[sYs] Mx - soundglasses
[sYs] Mx - renforced jacket
I'm also wearing:
[sYs] Skin Yang (pale) Cleavage + Hairbase Black
[sYs] BLUELINE Skirt

[sYs] Mx - soundglasses
[sYs] Mx - renforced jacket
[sYs] AGRYPINE - pant
[sYs] Skin Digital  (medium) - hairbase black silver - cleavage

[sYs] Mx - Boots
[sYs] Mx - renforced jacket
[sYs] Skin Yin (pale) Cleavage + Hairbase Black
[sYs] Last Order Skirt
[sYs] YRON - diamond - bracelet

Your spaceship to [sys]

[sYs] Liquid Space Fashion Show
Tomorrow June 4th at 1:00pm
Your Limo to the Show

And the [sYs] Flickr
[sYs] Design has decided to open a contest to find out what amazing art can be created through [sYs] Designs combined with the massive styling skills of talented male and female models and photographers on the grid.

What do you have to do to join?
- Every month a theme will be selected and all pictures will have to be related to that specific theme that will be announced on the flickr group.

- JOIN the [sYs] Designs Contest group on flickr to be able to upload your entries:

- Make a picture wearing [sYs] Design following the theme for each month, that is 1024x1024 or 2048x1024 in size.

- Rename them on flickr as follows "[sYs] Design (Name) (Theme of the Month)"
Ex: [sYs] Design - Syane Cisse "Inspiration"

- On the description field write a small paragraph explaining why your image is related to the theme of the month and all sYs items showing on the image.

- Submit your Images before the 20th of each month. Winners will be announced between the 21st and 23rd of each month.

The [sYs] Staff will decide on 3 pictures that will win the following:

3rd Place
    Display on Landing Point of the winning Image.
    500L of Store Credit.

2nd Place
    Display on Landing Point of the winning Image.
    1500L of Store Credit.

1st place
    Display on Landing Point in the Store.
    Winning Model will appear on a vendor for sYs.
    3000L of Store Credit.

Rules of the Competition
+ Must be wearing sYs on the picture
+ Can submit up to 3 pictures per month
+ Credit the photographer please!!!
+ Sizes are:
+ [sYs] Design reserves all rights to keep images submitted and re-use them as they see fit as well as to disqualify an image based on the staff criteria.

Thanks and Good Luck to all
Systi and Syane Cisse & the [sYs] Design Staff

For doubts and inquiries please contact LovelyMiwako7399 Menna ([sYs] Design Communications Officer)