Saturday, June 4, 2011

SoliDea FoliEs a loooot of News

Oki I have a loooot from SoliDea to blog so lets start, hard part? you will have to choose what you will buy, maybe all lol take a look :)

*SoliDea Little Folies*NEW HATs Collections!

*SoliDea Little FoliEs*Fiocco Hat / Pink

*SoliDea Little FoliEs*Fiocco Hat/prs

Surreal Party Hat

Your Limo to SoliDea Little Folies

Still have 1 DAY, ruuuun to get this cute hat just for 50L
@ The Italian Taste

Cube Crowns/ Monocles/Collars
in Black, White, Silver, Gold

*SoliDea Little FoliEs* Cube Monocle+Collar in Black
*SoliDea Little FoliEs* Cube Crown/Black

*SoliDea Little FoliEs* Cube Monocle+Collar in Silver
*SoliDea Little FoliEs* Cube Crown/Silver

*SoliDea Little FoliEs* Cube Monocle+Collar in Gold
*SoliDea Little FoliEs* Cube Crown/Gold

*SoliDea Little FoliEs* Cube Monocle+Collar in White
*SoliDea Little FoliEs* Cube Crown/White

Your Limo to SoliDea Head Decors room

 For Chic Boutique

*SoliDea FoliEs* Join the Moolto Sister Hunt and is Started June1st
with the unisex items *SoliDea FoliEs* Cube Monocle And Collar Black!

Styling Card of my Pics:
Skin & Eyelashes by LpD
Nails by CCD
Hairs by Vanity, Bliss
[sYs] Skins
Laqroki Skins

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