Fantasy Faire Review 2

Today  bringing you another amazing designer that contributes with the RFL this year with her amazing creations
~Lost in Starnight~ 
Mermaid Fantasy outfits and avatars
by Ethereal Faerye.

I'm really impressed how realistic are her creations, every single detail is just perfect.

With my posts for the RFL I'm thinking in became a a mythical creature in SL :)

RFL-Limited Edition-Leafy Seadragon
with the siren tattoo

RFL-Limited Edition-Atlantean
This one is made to fit a male avi, but looks awesome in girls :)
Is modify so can fit your mermaid shape.

RFL-Limited Edition-Cloud Dragon
  Edition-Aquavariel-Just Wings
with the Cloud Dragon Tail.

Have fun shopping, remember that a lot of the items are limited edition
and you contribute with a good cause.

Your Limo to Sirens Secret

Styling Card:
Wasabi Mesh Hair, also in the Fantasy Faire Event
Poses by DelMai
Makeup by BlackLiquid and [sYs]


  1. Ethaniel asked me to post the comment here, so there you go :)
    [13:51] Ethaniel (ethereal.faerye): this is my reply: Lua, I was in awe to discover these beautiful pictures... no artwork you made with the outfits i made for RFL.I'm so proud and happy to participate in the most wonderful fantasy event of the year, and your blog item is the icing on my cake. Thank you so so much! To all who read this, help us bannish this horrid disease from life and donate what you able, it is so appreciated and nessesary. ALL procedes of all thes outfits go straight to RFL, also you can throw some lindens into the kiosks that are all over the fair if you're not interested in being a mermaid, or buy one of the hundreds of incredible specials of any of the other creators. Thank you all so much!

  2. This are the things that makes me happy and work harder, people can think: oh yes! big deal do a pic, but believe me or not, passed like 3 or more hours doing this pics, finding the right spot, the perfect ambient, colors, tones, to make a pic that look great, and more because is to contibute with a good cause, my daddy passed away with cancer, and any little help, even 1L$ can made a difference.
    XOXO :)


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