Prism Spring/Summer News

I blog for Opium, and all that I receive to post it there I need to do it first Opium blog and after in my blog, so here we go :)

Incredible comfy mesh skirt and top by Prism.
Th Top is a bandana styled, tied in one side in olive green matched with the belt.
The skirt is soft like the silk, fitted to the body and long.
(Finally I can say that I have a almost same skirt in RL, also in color and I so love it, can’t wait to have summer to wear it, normally I wish have SL designs in my RL, but now I have it in both hehe)
Prism Yoko MESH Outfit by Journey in Tropics

The next is a elegant dress with half shoulder out, with a nice ruffled detail,
with flowery textures, fitted to the body and all is  included in the set:
Dress, sunglasses, banglets and even shoes!

 Sequoia by Journey in Waikiki

 Your Limo to PRISM
Styling Card:
Pic 1: Finesmith- OG necklace Earth
FINESMITH- Organic ring
Hair by Wasabi, Nails by Mandala
Sunglasses by PM, Shoes by N-Core
Pic 2: Hair by Truth, Nails by Mandala


  1. Cool, I love the color. I like the mesh skirts and top. And look good for summer outfit. Thanks for posting those picture.

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  2. Ty Michelle, yes Prism have great options for summer, and have more colors to choose, amazing ones :)


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