Finesmith News

After 1 week store was closed, yula is back with a lot of new items, gifts, sales and even hunts.

50 pieces for 50% OFF
Fortune Set
Earrings and Necklace

Runway perfect hunt will begin shortly the item is already hidden in the store and here is the hint:
"you wouldn't want to break one while building"
This Necklace will be in the hunt for male and female.
Finesmith main group is officialy Platinum group for members
Every member will receive 20% off on new releases in the day of release.
To receive discount buy from the marked box.

*also Finesmith have a none fee group.
Members will receive monthly gift and specials.

Riri Inspiration- for Miss Finesmith Stylista 2012- Riri Lemon.

  Riri Shoes
a lot of colors to choose.
 More news tomorrow
Your Limo to Finesmith

Styling Card:
Agnes Finney April Dream White Dress
Lipstick by BlackLiquid
Hairs by Vanity and Wasabi Pills