Fantasy Faire Review 3 and hunt

When I was asked to blog for the Fantasy Faire, I was jumping in one feet because I love mythical creatures, fantasy builds, things that in RL not exist but with the magic of SL are is possible.
Another designer that I'm honored to blog is:
FALCONROSE by Rosslyn Guardian,
another sweet lady that I meet in SL.

Her masks are just incredible, craft handled, piece by piece,
every single detail, texture, color is just perfect.

The 3 products for the RFL are:
CRETIS Mask & Headpiece
 This is a very elaborate, full head piece with long flexi veils. 
It is base on the look of Crete or perhaps Atlantis.

Super detailed floor lamps,
works of art, I'm delighted with them, wondering if can have them in RL :)

Another example of her amazing work:
Royal Rose Demi-Mask (red)

The masks intricate prim creations, no flat textures. 
Many of them are SL versions of RL masks I have made for many Renaissance Faires.

And another good thing:
A HUNT started today, so fly and do it :)
All sims are participatings.

Your Limo to Sirens Secret


  1. Oh WOW - you're right. Her work is STUNNING! Thank you for sharing it!

  2. Yes it is:)
    I like to bring to my readers quality products, and this is not an exception, her work is wonderful!
    Ty Emerald for your comment :)


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