Champagne presents...ERATO

Inspired by Greek mythology and the Summer season, CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion presents its latest offering for all of you Goddesses:  ERATO!

In Greek mythology, ERATO was one of nine Muses of music, song, and dance.  Her name means "the lovely" or "beloved" and comes from the Greek word "eratos."  In classical times, when the Muses were assigned specific artistic spheres, the bewitching ERATO was named the Muse of erotic poetry and could be seen holding a lyre.

This stunning metallic black and silver tribute to ERATO is both glamorous and erotic!  The top is beautifully detailed and textured with a short front drapery, spaghetti-string straps, and a sparkling silver prim nestled directly under the bustline.  Silver chains also drape down from either side of the bra, with two fabric pieces tucked under the silver prim which hang down in the front, mimicking a bow.  A matching shimmering panty completes the outfit and shows off your sexy, cheeky bottom!

Also included are beautiful star dangle earrings, along with matching textured arm cuffs, bracelets, and leg cuffs that really make this look stand out!

When you wear ERATO, you will feel like dancing the night away - just like the Goddess herself who is said to have actually invented the art of dancing!

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